We crafft unique furniture pieces from reclaimed timber

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The home of Shipwreck Furniture is in the small coastal town of Knysna in The Garden Route of South-Africa.

What started off as a passion for furniture and great original design, has through a series of events culminated into this unique business, crafting one of a kind furniture pieces from the remnants of shipwrecks salvaged from the bottom of the ocean to landfill-sites. Timber from salvaged shipwrecks is hard to come by and has become scarce in recent times. Therefore, we have evolved into making fine furniture pieces not only from reclaimed shipwreck timber, when available, but also from other sources of reclaimed timber, such as old buildings, demolitions, old timber yards, etc. The furniture we manufacture exudes a sense of adventure and great history. You can be sure that your piece will be the only one like it. Have a look at our Gallery to see what has been made and to get a feel for what we do. Our aim is to capture and preserve as much of the character and history of the sourced timber in the work we do.

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